+1,000,000 for Van Gogh Museum on Google+

+1,000,000 for Van Gogh Museum on Google+

Today the Van Gogh Museum’s Google+ page reached its millionth +1. In just one year’s time, a million people have expressed their appreciation for the Van Gogh Museum web page on Google’s social networking site.

Van Gogh admirers from around the world use Google+ to share the museum’s messages with their circles. The Van Gogh Museum has the second fastest growing Google+ page  (http://plus.google.com/+VanGoghMuseum/), with more than 7,500 new +1’s a day. Other museums with a Google+ page include the Saatchi Gallery (+314.247) and Tate Gallery (+256.795) in London, the Louvre in Paris (+45.637), and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (+1.537).

Director Axel Rüger says, ‘The great interest among users on Google+ and other social media demonstrates the appeal of our way of presenting news and interesting facts about Vincent van Gogh and the Van Gogh Museum. We’re very grateful for that, because our goal is to offer the best possible access to Vincent van Gogh’s life and work and the art of his day to as many people as we can.’

Google+ is a networking site where registered users can form circles. The people and organisations that join these circles can share things like messages, ideas, videos and photos and discuss them with each other in video hangouts.

The Van Gogh Museum and social media
The Van Gogh Museum uses a wide range of social media very actively and successfully. Above all, this allows the museum to stay in direct contact with the many admirers of Vincent van Gogh. For example, the museum has more than 70,000 Facebook fans and 50,000 Twitter followers. It is important to the Van Gogh Museum to keep the public engaged with its activities and with the work of Vincent van Gogh, not just within its walls but wherever they go.

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