125 Masterpieces

125 Masterpieces

The Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam is 125 years old.

It has survived a wave of criticism, completed a total renovation in a single year, recovered its original grandeur, published eight catalogues within one year, mounted four major exhibitions, and cooperated in international projects with Venice, Beijing, Taichung and Taipei. It also has one of the best restaurants in the Netherlands, has become a successful banquet caterer, and is well on its way to complete financial independence, already generating 40% of its own funding. In terms of business management, the Wereldmuseum is a pioneer in the museum world.

125 Masterpieces
The museum has plenty of reasons to celebrate. To mark the anniversary, collectors and connoisseurs of non-western art have selected the 125 most beautiful works of art from the museum’s collection for the exhibition ‘125 Masterpieces’. Beauty is the exhibition’s keyword. In the hushed atmosphere of soberly furnished rooms, where each masterpiece is displayed aesthetically and on its own, all attention is drawn to the breathtaking refinement and the powerful expression and vitality of works from Tibet, China, Japan, Oceania, America, Africa and Indonesia. In the context of religion and spirituality, these works are comparable to those of Da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo in western art. In terms of expression, they can be compared to Picasso, Max Ernst and Roberto Matta. Only when the best products of a culture are shown, is a claim of cultural authenticity justified.

The Wereldmuseum is also presenting the masterpieces in a five-part catalogue: I. Restored to former glory; II. Tibet-China, Japan; III. Indonesia & Islamic art; IV. Oceania; and V. Africa & America. Each part contains text and photos that illustrate the texture and beauty of the objects. The part called ‘Restored to former glory’ recounts the history and development of the Wereldmuseum, which began as the Royal Yacht Club of Prince Hendrik and has evolved into a progressive, contemporary museum with a rich, historical art collection. The five-part catalogue was created in collaboration with external art historians, collectors and connoisseurs.

Lectures and guided tours
Every Sunday visitors can join ongoing free guided tours of ‘125 Masterpieces’. The tours begin at 1 pm for children and at 3 pm for adults. Various lectures have also been organized. The schedule of events can be found at http://www.wereldmuseum.nl.

Masterpieces menu
A ticket to ‘125 Masterpieces’ entitles a visitor to a 10% discount on the Masterpieces Menu in the museum’s Cafe-Winebar.

Opening times
Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm.

Admission fees
Adults: EUR 12
Children under 12: free
Holders of a museumkaart or Rotterdampas: free
Persons in groups of at least 9 paying visitors: EUR 9

Willemskade 25, 3016 DM Rotterdam
[email protected]


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