Dutch spend 15 billion euros on holidays

Dutch spend 15 billion euros on holidays

Altogether, Dutch tourists took more than 36 million holidays last year. They spent 15 billion euro; over 12 billion euro was spent on holidays abroad.

By comparison, the amount spend on food totaled almost 25 billion euros, according to the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

The economic crisis seems to have little impact on holiday spending. In the past two years, the amount the Dutch spent on domestic holidays has remained stable. Spending on foreign holidays in 2009 and 2010 also hardly changed relative to 2008. Nearly 82 percent in the Dutch population went on holiday at least once in 2010. They took more than 36 million holidays, accounting for an estimated 278 million overnight stays.

Domestic holidays accounted for 94 million overnight stays in 2010. With 13 percent of all long domestic holidays, the North Sea resorts have been the most popular destination for years. With respect to long holidays abroad, France and Germany are in first and second place with nearly 32 million and approximately 18 million overnight stays respectively versus nearly 38 million and 14 million in 2002. Proportionally, Germany is a popular destination for short holidays.

France is the most popular country for long foreign holidays. Some 16 percent of long foreign holidays are spent in France and the percentage has remained fairly stable in recent years. Germany’s popularity as a holiday destination is still on the increase. About 14 percent of all long holidays in 2010 were spent in Germany versus 11 percent in 2002.

During the past year there were more than eight out of ten people going on holiday once or more times.

Source: CBS

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