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2013 is Netherlands Russia Bilateral Year

In 2013, Holland and Russia are emphasizing their longstanding cooperation with a Bilateral Year. Throughout the year, the two nations will highlight their economic partnership as well as their strong cultural ties. In both countries, a wide variety of business, creative and social initiatives are planned, all aimed at creating an innovative partnership in the present and future, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports.

Russia offers particularly good prospects for the Netherlands’ key business sectors. Besides trade and investment relations, 2013 also provides scope for cooperation on political and social projects and initiatives, including joint ventures involving the legal system, education, science and sport, and relations between municipal and provincial authorities.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs will work with other ministries and the Centre for International Cultural Activities (SICA) to set up a broad, representative programme in Russia that will take place mainly during the latter half of 2013. The Russian programme in the Netherlands will take place in the first half of 2013 and will be coordinated by the Russian government.

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