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300,000 iPads 3G Sold on Launch

Apple has sold about 300,000 iPad 3Gs between Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon, including 52 days of preorders, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. Pretty much the same as the original iPad, with about 300,000 sold on launch weekend.

So while the 3G isn’t selling quite as briskly as its sibling, it’s selling well–so well, in fact, that by Sunday afternoon most of the Apple stores Munster surveyed were completely sold out of the device. Not bad considering prices for the iPad 3G start at $629, quite a bit more than the $499 entry-level price of Wi-Fi-only models.

Consumers are definitely interested in the iPad as a new category.Munster puts the overall number of iPads sold at over 1 million, predicting overall sales in 2010 to be 4.3 million iPads.