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4 Dutch Companies on Top 100 Global Innovator List

ASML, Unilever, Shell and Philips have made it onto Thomson Reuters’ list of the Top 100 Global Innovator companies. The companies on the list are seen as leaders in innovative technology and protection and commercialization of inventions.

“Innovation is the cornerstone of economic growth and success, for both the companies that innovate and the countries that embrace them,” begins the Thomson Reuters report. Looking at patent grants, worldwide approvals and citations, the report lists 100 multinational firms as leaders in innovation.

U.S. firms lead with 40 innovative firms. Japan comes next with 27, France 11 and Sweden 6. the Netherlands had the fifth largest number of companies along with Germany and Korea.

Thomson Reuters publishes this yearly list based on four main criteria: patent approval success rate, global reach of patent portfolio, patent influence in literature citations and overall patent volume.