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4 out of 10 Dutch companies use Social Media

Four out of ten Dutch businesses use social media according to recent figures released by Statistics Netherlands.

More than forty percent of businesses employing at least 10 persons use one or more social media accounts. Three quarters of large companies (employing 500 or more persons) use the social media for communication versus 36 percent of small-scale businesses (10 to 20 employed).

Businesses in the Information and communication technology sector in particular (79 percent) use social media. The sector hotels and restaurants also scores high (65 percent). In the construction and transport sectors, the score is much lower (approximately 25 percent). With one in three businesses using social media, the sector manufacturing industry is also lagging behind.

Most businesses active on social media sites seek to promote the corporate image or use the social media for marketing purposes (68 percent). More than four in ten companies use the social media to recruit staff, to get reviews from customers or to co-operate with business partners. Though to a lesser extent, social media are also used for in-house dissemination of information and to promote customer involvement in product development.

Small-scale businesses frequently use social media for co-operation with business partners. Large companies, on the other hand, see the social media as an effective means to recruit staff. Large companies also commonly use social media for in-house exchange of information (57 percent). versus only one third of small business.

Social networks are the most popular form of social media. More than one three businesses have an account on Facebook or Hyves. One in five post (micro)blogs on, for example, Twitter, or share footage and photos on websites. Wikis appear to be less popular (6 percent).