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6 in 10 Dutch people wear glasses or contact lenses

A vast majority in the Dutch population wear glasses or contact lenses according to recent figures released by Statistics Netherlands. For older people, it is extremely rare not to use glasses or contact lenses. Furthermore, nearly one third of over-75 men use hearing aids and more than one third of over-75 women use walking frames, wheeled walkers or mobility scooters.

A majority of 61 percent in the population reported to wear glasses, contact lenses or other reading or visual aids occasionally in 2012, versus 57 percent in 2001. The percentage has steadily risen in recent years. More women than men wear glasses or contact lenses.
As people get older, the use of visual aids grows rapidly. The majority of people in their forties (occasionally) wear glasses or contact lenses. The rate for people in their fifties is more than 90 percent and nearly all over-75s wear glasses.

Contact lens wearers generally young
The percentage of people wearing glasses (57 percent) is much higher than the percentage of contact lens wearers (12 percent). Nine percent of people indicate to use both. Contact lens wearers are generally young.
Among people wearing glasses, 54 percent wear them on a more or less full-time basis. With 79 percent, the rate of full-time contact lens wearers is even higher.