60 watt traditional light bulbs banned

60 watt traditional light bulbs banned

From 1 September onwards, 60 watt traditional light bulbs are no longer for sale.

Dutch shops won’t be able to buy in new stocks of the traditional light bulbs as this type of bulb will be banned by EU law.

Edison’s light bulb, which has produced light for more than 100 years, just consumes too much energy for the light they produce.

The production of the old-style clear tungsten bulbs has been outlawed from today in an effort to force people to use energy-saving light bulbs.

The 75-watt light bulbs underwent the same fate exactly one year ago. Eventually, all the traditional incandescent light bulbs will be replaced by more efficient energy-saving varieties and LED lights.

Traditional light bulbs are being phased out by the EU in a bid to cut energy consumption by 20 per cent by 2020.

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