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8.7 million Dutch have WhatsApp installed

Over 8.73 million Dutch had the messaging app WhatsApp installed on their smartphones in September 2014, over 1 million more installs than one year ago. The number of downloads of Facebook Messenger more than doubled during this period. In September 2013 over 1.72 million smartphone users downloaded this messaging app, growing to 3.73 million twelve months later according to Telecompaper’s quarterly Dutch Apps Market report.

The number of installs of Facebook Messenger was especially explosive during the past three months. Since the beginning of August this year Facebook users are forced to download the firm’s Messenger app to use mobile chat, as the social network phased out mobile messaging through its main Facebook app.
According to the report, more women than men have WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger installed on their smartphones. 90 percent of all Dutch women with smartphones have downloaded WhatsApp, whereas 80 percent of all Dutch men installed the app. Facebook Messenger is also more popular among women, two out of five women installed this app on their smartphones versus almost one out of three men.

The report by Telecompaper also shows that apps for watching TV are becoming more popular, for example the HBO Go app, Horizon Go app or the NPO-app. One third of all smartphone users had such an app installed in September 2014, whereas one year ago only one quarter had downloaded an app for watching TV. These apps are especially popular among the 20 to 29 year olds, four out of ten have one or more these apps installed.