9 million Dutch use Social Networks

9 million Dutch users are using social network sites. Hyves is the most popular social network site with 66% of Dutch internet users, while 27 percent uses Facebook.

Dutch users have average 115 friends on social networking sites. According to an online survey of over 2,800 people worldwide.

The nine million visitors on the social networking sites are nearly eighty percent of the Dutch Internet users.

Worldwide 940 million people make use of at least one social network. Eastern Europe and Asia makes the least use of such sites. South America are the most active social network users.

Users access their social networking site about two times a day. Just over 25% write something on the site.

14% mainly observe others and rarely write something. Nearly 60 percent have ever “unfriend” someone.

The research was conducted by InSites Consulting. They questioned 2884 Internet users from 14 countries to participate in the research.

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