96.1% Dutch mail delivery quality makes 2011 one of best years

96.1% Dutch mail delivery quality makes 2011 one of best years

The quality of consumer mail delivery in 2011 has achieved one of its highest in over 20 years scores with 96.1%. By law, PostNL must score at least 95% for the standard overnight delivery services within the Netherlands. This concerns the mail deposited in PostNL’s public postboxes. As a rule, these items must be delivered the next working day.

PostNL is content with its performance, especially given the many changes it made to its organisation in 2011 to prepare it for a new delivery structure. Mail delivery is no longer prepared at 300 locations across the Netherlands but instead at just nine central preparation locations.

The score shows a marked improvement on 2010, although the figures cannot be compared directly. Late 2010 saw the trade unions take considerable action in an attempt to reach a final agreement with the company on the restructuring. This clearly affected mail delivery quality in 2010; despite well exceeding 95% before the strikes and other collective action, PostNL ended the year with an overall quality score of 92.9%.

PostNL’s delivery quality is measured by an independent agency (Intomart GfK) using a method approved by supervisory body OPTA and its appointed auditor. The auditor also reviews the final figures and the results are submitted by 1 June to OPTA, which uses them to assess whether PostNL has met the legal requirements.

Pieter Kunz, Operations Director at PostNL: “We are proud of this high quality score. Everyone in the Netherlands is now aware that the declining market is forcing our postal company to keep on reorganising. Something occasionally goes wrong, of course, and every mail item not delivered correctly or on time is one too many, but all our staff certainly deserve to be complimented on this performance”.

The figures above refer largely to consumer mail and franking machine mail, which makes up around 14% of the total volume handled by PostNL. The quality figure for business mail (86% of the total volume) was 97% in 2011 and 96% in 2010 (excluding the strike period).

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