Dutch Shops Take Action Against shoplifters

Dutch Shops Take Action Against shoplifters

A regional pilot whereby shoplifters will not only are addressed judicial but also financially, has been so successful that next month it will be applied nationwide.

Retailers can send the thieves a bill. As confirmed by a spokesman Fred Teeven Secretary of State (Security and Justice) in The Telegraaf.

The bill for the shoplifter is sent via the Main Retail organization, and is 151 euro. 25 euro of which are intended as administrative costs, the remaining amount goes to the shopkeeper itself.

The enthusiasm among businesses to participate is great. Furthermore, the system has effect: in areas where it was introduced shop crime fell by 30 to 40 percent.

It is expected to be effective mainly due to signs that participating retailers have hung on their shops: “We charge shoplifters.”

Screenshot: Flyer (.pdf)

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