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Adam Curry Finds True Love

Adam Curry has never been so much in love as with his sweetheart Micky Hoogendijk, but the entrepreneur is not planning any children. “Never say never, but at this moment: no,” Curry said this week in LINDA.

At the moment we especially like enjoy each other. Babysitting is great, but afterwards we are happy to give them back.”

In the interview, Curry said that he really knows what love is.

“Since I know Micky Hoogendijk, I know just what true love is. That may sound horrible, but it is so, “said Curry.

“I’ve never experienced this feeling. When I saw Micky, there was something deep going on. I could not smoke, my head cleared, my brains began to wake-up. ”

“Micky came and just like Tom Cruise in that movie,” she had me at hello. “And yes, I know I sound like a man with a midlife crisis.”

Although Curry has the image of a tomboy, according to the 45-year-old businessman is nothing of that.

“I had no moves, was bullied as a kid, did not look cool. But when I started to work as a DJ, I became cool overnight. I had a huge inferiority complex. ”

“Until I Patricia seduced me. And that was not so difficult. God, what an exciting woman. She sent me a panties in a sleeve of The Star Sisters. ”

Whether he’s missing her? “No, I’m sorry, I must be honest. I like to look back at the good things and am very grateful to her for everything she did for me, but do I miss it? No, I cherish it. ”

The full interview can be found in LINDA. 69 and will be available from Wednesday, April 21 at the store with a special gigolo promotion.

Adam Curry is involved in the development and promotion of podcasting. His latest show is called No Agenda which he cohosts with John C Dvorak.

No Agenda is a biweekly podcast on the mevio network every Sunday and Thursday and has now become one of the most intriguing alternative news sources on the Web.