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Dutch advert ‘too sexy’ for Brits

The Dutch fashion chain SuitSupply is under fire in Britain because of a recent advertising campaign.

Suit Supply’s provocative, some say almost pornographic, “Shameless” advertising campaign has prompted cries of “shame” over a window display at London’s Westfield shopping centre.

The Eight-foot-high (2.4 meter) images at Suit Supply’s west London store show photographs taken in the context of the winter fashion campaign, which is called Shameless.

The pictures, two of which are in the shop’s window, have provoked complaints to Westfield and the Advertising Standards Authority, along with protests on Twitter.

The British Advertising Standards Commission is examining the campaign. “The pictures show women as sex objects” and can be easily seen by children.

The campaign also had a similar debate in the Netherlands. There were even billboards along Dutch highways. The campaign is now under investigation of the Dutch Advertising Code Committee In the Netherlands and a ruling is expected soon.

SuitSupply has been requested by Facebook to remove certain offending photos from their Facebook account.