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Air freight on the rise in the Netherlands

Recent stats published by Statistics Netherlands showed some small, but significant improvements in the air freight industry.

Turnover in the various branches of the goods transport sector declined marginally in the first quarter of 2012. The economic recession played an important part in this respect.

Haulage companies recorded a loss of turnover by nearly 2 percent in the first quarter of 2012 relative to the same period last year. The decline is caused by a downturn in activities, e.g. the slump in the construction sector resulting in a falling demand for transport capacity.

Turnover generated by inland shipping in the first quarter of this year declined by just under 1 percent. In the first part of the first quarter, the inland shipping fleet was hampered by the severe winter cold. Last year, turnover growth in inland shipping was still nearly 12 percent. During a considerable part of the year, the carrying capacity of the inland shipping fleet could not be used to the full on account of the low water levels. As a result, shipping rates increased.

Turnover also declined in air freight transport, but improved in passenger transport. Total turnover generated by the aviation sector improved by 7 percent in the first quarter relative to last year’s first quarter.

Although total turnover realised by the aviation sector improved for the ninth consecutive quarter in the first quarter of 2012, it is still approximately five percent below the level prior to the recession in 2009.