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Albert Heijn most popular employer for part-time work among Dutch students

Many Dutch students prefer to work as cashiers or shelf stackers alongside their studies, according to research by the Intelligence Group about the most popular part-time jobs in the Netherlands. The survey asked 1,856 students about jobs and employers, with Albert Heijn coming out as the most popular, followed by Jumbo, PostNL, Rabobank and C1000 in the rest of the top five.

A part-time job as a shelf stacker is most popular among students aged 15-20. Other popular part-time jobs that were revealed by the survey included babysitting in third place, food preparation / service industry in fourth, and a paper round in fifth. Part-time jobs as a chauffeur, in security, in the travel industry or as a call center worker were the least popular.

For two out of three students, part-time work is a financial necessity, even though they claim it slows down the pace of their studies. For 77% of young people, a part-time job is a good opportunity to gain work experience; in some cases, these jobs bear a direct relation to the qualification for which they’re studying (e.g. engineering or nursing / healthcare).