All Dutch coffee shops must shut down

All Dutch coffee shops must shut down

The myth of Dutch tolerance is over. The Dutch government wants to close all Dutch coffee shops and crack down on marijuana smoke and their causes.

That suggests Dutch Christian democratic political party (CDA), which requires that the decision of the Council of State is respected.

The Council of State has spoken out against the introduction of a weed pass for cannabis buyers from coffeeshops in the Netherlands.

A decision by the Council of State, the Netherlands highest administrative court, seems to have thrown weight to the potential ban on the possession of soft drugs under the Opium Act. Therefore the Council considers that the use of soft drugs is punishable.

“This can only mean one thing,” said Dutch politician Çörüz. “If you can not smoke pot, you can also no longer support coffeeshops. Drugs are bad for you and leads to health problems and crime, you simply should stop it. ”

Sale of soft drugs in Dutch coffee shops and the possession of up to five grams of soft drugs is permitted according to the Dutch tolerance.

With many coffee shops openly selling cannabis to customers and a tolerance of home-cultivation of marijuana plants, the Netherlands attracts attention in the global debate about soft drugs policies.

In the past three years, it has restricted and discouraged the use and sale of soft drugs on health and crime grounds, and wants to limit drug tourism, particularly in border towns.

The government has proposed special “weed passes” to stop visitors using coffee shops and restrict access to residents, which some analysts predict could lead to a fall in tourist numbers and spending.

Now, Dutch politicians from CDA, however, already committed to a so-called zero option and believes that all Dutch coffee shops must close.

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