Almost a third of Dutch households own a tablet

Almost a third of Dutch households own a tablet

Just under a third of (32%) of Dutch households owned at least one tablet in Q4 2012.

This is the equivalent of almost 2.4 million households, according to the latest report from independent market researcher Telecompaper. The report ‘Dutch Tablet User Q4 2012’ is based on a survey of around 6,600 consumers aged 12-80 during the fourth quarter by the Telecompaper Consumer Panel.

The survey also found that 17 percent of all consumers without a tablet said they would buy a tablet in the next six months. Of the 14 percent who said half a year ago that they would buy a tablet in the next six months, 11 percent actually bought one.

Apple’s iPad is the most popular tablet in the Dutch market. Apple had 1.25 million iPad owners in the Netherlands at the end of 2012, while Samsung came second, with an estimated 542,000 Galaxy Tab owners.

Consumers choose Apple and Sony tablets mainly because of the image of the brands, while for Archos and Acer users, price was the main reason for the purchase. When it comes to using the tablets, the most popular activities are surfing the internet, gaming, e-mail and social media; more than half of tablet owners use these services on their tablets. Compared to Q1 2012, more people used their tablet for social media and online TV streaming in Q4 2012. On average, tablets are used over nine hours per week.

The report Dutch Tablet Users Q4 2012 gives detailed information on the demographics of tablet users, tablet brands, tablet features and usage, mobile data providers and subscriptions, and spending on apps. This report discusses the following aspects:

  • Household tablet penetration
  • Purchase intention tablets and brands
  • Age and tablet penetration per age
  • Gender and education of tablet users vs. non-tablet users
  • Gross family income per year, employment level and living situation of tablet users vs. non-tablet users
  • Installed base of tablets per brand
  • Reasons why tablet is bought (by brand)
  • Paid or no internet subscription
  • Awareness of network connection
  • Memory storage
  • Provider internet access tablet
  • Prepaid or postpaid MBB connection
  • Who pays the MBB bill for tablet?
  • Spending on applications per month (also per brand)
  • Top 12 reasons to use tablet (by gender, age and brand)
  • Tablet usage per week in household (by gender and age)
  • Where tablets are used (by gender and age)
  • Private or business tablet usage (by gender, age and brand)

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