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Queen’s Day an alternative royal celebration

Queens’s day in the Netherlands promises to be a big party again with free market, events and concerts.

On April 30 the Netherlands colors orange when it celebrates Queen’s Day. During this national holiday events and celebrations are held throughout the country and Amsterdam transforms into the capital of festivals. You’ll find public street markets, music and bars on every street corner.

CNN writes while much of the world’s attention will be fixed on a certain royal wedding in London, Prince William’s nuptials are not the only royal affair happening this weekend.

The orange craze, or “oranjegekte” in Dutch, returns to Netherlands on Saturday, when millions of revelers wearing head-to-toe orange will hit the streets across the nation to celebrate Queen’s Day.

The Dutch royal occasion has been celebrated for over 100 years and is the annual official celebration of the Queen’s birthday.

Orange is the official color of the Queen and the royal family, descendants from the House of Orange-Nassau that has played a political role in the Netherlands for roughly half a millennium.

Amsterdam imposes strict rules this year to make Queens day go smoothly. Events will end earlier and the sale of alcoholic beverages will be restricted.

There is a strict alcohol policy in place to prevent fights and disturbances of people under the influence as much as possible. Alcohol is not allowed onboard trains and at train stations throughout the Netherlands and supermarkets and shops can only sell one alcoholic beverage per customer.

Queen’s Day is the national holiday when Holland turns orange and celebrates – regardless of the strict rules. You should definitely visit the free market in the ‘Vondelpark’ and the concerts at ‘Museumplein’ in Amsterdam. On the eve before Queen’s Day you can celebrate ‘Queen’s Night’ in the streets of The Hague.

Photo By quantz