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Alzheimer Center Southwest Netherlands opens its doors

The Haven Hospital and Erasmus MC are to start the Alzheimer Center Southwest Netherlands together in the region. The center will focus on all types of dementia. By combining the knowledge and experience of the Neurology and Geriatric departments of both hospitals, they can further improve the diagnostics, discover the disease earlier and give scientific research on dementia a new boost. The Alzheimer Center Southwest Netherlands will open on Saturday 21 April.

The number of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia will increase at an alarming rate over the coming decades. The Alzheimer Nederland Foundation has predicted that the number of patients will more than double by 2040. Small local authorities in the region will be confronted with even greater increases, sometimes exceeding 200 percent. “This is a vulnerable group of patients for whom there is as yet no cure. It is therefore important that the care for these people and scientific research on the disease is improved”, says John van Swieten, neurologist at Erasmus MC.
The collaboration between Erasmus MC and its subsidiary the Haven Hospital will enable them to improve the care for the patients as well as research on the disease. Erasmus MC has experience with young patients suffering from dementia and with scientific research. The Haven Hospital is specialized in the care of older patients. “At the center there will be optimal coordination of research and treatment. All specialists involved, such as neurologists, geriatricians, neuropsychologists, radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians will cooperate closely”, says geriatrician Bert Ziere of the Haven Hospital. This will enable us to optimally counsel patients in both hospitals. Van Swieten: ‘We hope that by carrying out more research we will come closer to finding a treatment that can substantially slow down the disease.”

Dementia patients suffer, among other, from forgetfulness and behavior changes. Patients and family members are very vulnerable. The new center will make use of a very clear and structured approach and rapid referrals in the care pathway. In the period that specialists make the diagnosis, personal attention for the patient and the relatives play a crucial role. Once the diagnosis has been made, the center ensures that the patient receives the correct care at every stage and is attended to by specialists. Patients and their relatives do not themselves have to look for the correct care.

The Alzheimer Center will have 2 locations. Patients are welcome at the Haven Hospital as well as Erasmus MC. The opeing will be take place on Saturday 21 April at Erasmus MC. All those interested will be able to obtain further information, view presentations and talk to experts. Gea Broekema, director of the Alzheimer Nederland Foundation will present a cheque. On the opening day, the Friends Fund Erasmus MC will start fundraising for genetic research together with the Alzheimer Nederland Foundation.