Amazing Marketing, Social And Viral Videos From 2011

Amazing Marketing, Social And Viral Videos From 2011

Video marketing has gone to a whole new level in 2011. Dutch Brands and businesses are using videos to leverage their presence online and and to create buzz.

Video is a much cheaper form of marketing than it has ever been before and the barriers to entry have never been lower. Watch these brilliant marketing and social media related videos from 2011…

Leave a comment below if you know any other cool video AD’s from 2011.

KLM – Personal Space Experiment
KLM wanted to show that they were offering additional space on their business class flights and conducted the following study to show just how much we value out personal space.

Heineken Thank 1 Million Facebook Fans With Hugs From Hot Models

Social Marketing From KLM
KLM taps in to Dutch heritage on Facebook and could see you have your picture on a KLM plane flying all over the world.

Buying a Volkswagen from an old lady
Reliability has long been one of the core messages of Volkswagen. To reconfirm this once again in a powerful way with the most popular model: the Volkswagen Gulf.

Hugh Hefner featuring in new Bavaria commercial
‘Playboy’ mogul Hugh Hefner is featuring in the new Bavaria commercial. The commercial is set in the Playboy Mansion and shows Hugh that despite all the beautiful women around him, occasionally needs some time for himself.

Amsterdam zoo Artis
To celebrate the baby boom in Amsterdam zoo Artis, ad agency Dawn came up with outdoor stickers inspired by the car-window-stickers.

Artis babyboom from Dawn Amsterdam on Vimeo.

Whatser launches mobile marketing platform for local businesses to connect with their customer.

Whatser — Make the city yours from Whatser on Vimeo.

Free secret concert in New York by Heineken
Heineken organized a free secret concert in New York City. On an elevated stage set in front of a giant Heineken billboard, indie rock band ‘TV on the Radio’ performed a five song set for both fans and spectators alike.

H&M – Dollhouse 3D projection mapping – Store opening Amsterdam
Muse Amsterdam, with it’s numerous 3D projections, is a pioneer in the area of 3D projection concepts for leading international brands such as; Samsung, H&M, Mattel and P&G.

Hyundai’s Banned Dutch Ad Cheats Death
This scary commercial was banned by Hyundai’s head office for being too graphic.

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