Amber Alert now via Twitter

The Dutch alert system for missing children, Amber Alert, extends its reach. The alert to search for missing children are now sent via Twitter.

The messages sent an electronic poster with information about the missing child. This poster can easily be printed and hung in receptions, shops, sports canteens and restaurants.

“The purpose of the Amber Alert is to reach as many people as soon as possible with a picture of a kidnapped child. Social media like Twitter are the perfect tools. Many people use their smartphone anywhere and are informed of the latest ‘Tweets’. The Amber Alert will be forwarded to thousands of people immediately to look for the missing child, “says Frank Hoen, CEO of software company Netpresenter, the company behind Amber Alert Netherlands.

Amber Alert is a joint initiative of the Dutch police and Netpresenter. They sent out alerts only for very urgent cases. The final decision of an Amber Alert is made by the police.

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