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America On Edge Of Catastrophe

America is on the edge of a catastrophe.

The magma floor of the world’s largest volcano, Caldera in Yellowstone National Park has been rising in record time and when erupt will wipe out two-thirds of America.

Scientists say they closely monitor the supervolcano. The volcano is thousands of times greater than the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland, which paralyzed air traffic in Europe in April 2010.

The Yellowstone Caldera erupted only three times in the last 2.1 million years and it has not erupted the last 600,000 years, says Daily Mail.

Scientists point out that two-thirds of the U.S. could become uninhabitable as toxic air sweeps through it, grounding thousands of flights and forcing millions to leave their homes.

They said that the super-volcano underneath the Wyoming park has been rising at a record rate since 2004 – its floor has gone up three inches per year for the last three years alone, the fastest rate since records began in 1923.

They saw the magma at a depth of ten kilometers. “If it had been two or three kilometers, we would be more concerned, but we do not know how this depth should be calculated in such a large volcano.

We cannot predict when the Caldera will erupt, “said Robert B. Smith, professor of geophysics at the University of Utah.

Caldera means ‘cooking pot ‘ and has been given that name because the country collapses during an eruption.

Photo By jurvetson