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American Flight Attendant Fined Euro 1000 for Being Drunk

An American flight attendant (48) was arrested Monday morning at Amsterdam airport on suspicion of being drunk.

She was on board the plane that was about to leave. The police received an anonymous tip from someone at the airport who said she had smelled alcohol on the Flight Attendant’s breath.

The Dutch National Police (National Police Agency) and the military police checked the cabin crew on the flight of an unnamed foreign airline.

The suspicious flight attendant had 0.48 per-mil in her blood while the permissible amount of alcohol in the blood for airline personnel is only 0.2 per-mil. Airline staff are not allowed to drink alcohol up to ten hours before flight.

The police concluded that the woman had drunk more than twice as much as allowed. She was fined 1000 euros, which she paid on the spot. Also she was not allowed to fly 12 hours.