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America’s first cannabis coffee shops open in Colorado

America’s first coffee shops selling marijuana are open for business in Colorado on Wednesday, with long lines of customers, marking a new chapter in America’s drug culture.

State-licensed marijuana retailers are legally permitted to sell pot for recreational use to the general public in Colorado, marking a new chapter in America’s drug culture.

Washington state on the US Pacific coast will follow Colorado several months from now, when it also allows stores to begin selling cannabis.

Under the new law, cannabis will be sold like alcohol. Residents aged over 21 will be able to buy up to one ounce, while those from out of the state can purchase up to a quarter of an ounce.

Supporters of legalising cannabis have praised Colorado’s move and hope it is a good alternative to the expensive war on drugs.

Opponents warned that legalizing recreational use could help create an industry intent on attracting underage users and getting more people dependent on the drug.

The experiment is being closely watched in the U.S. and abroad.