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Amsterdam Calling new YouTube web series

The Netherlands- Molen Blauw Productions announces the premiere of its new web series “Amsterdam Calling”. The first episode and five intro clips are immediately available for viewing.

Part travel doc and part real-life vlog, “Amsterdam Calling” takes viewers along with a group of Dutch female students as they visit cool and unusual places in Europe’s most fun and charming city. The series is a fresh, entertaining way for viewers to learn about unique places off the city map. Spoken in English, the series is designed to capture the attention of international tourists, expats living in Holland and Dutch locals who may not know about the wide variety of hot spots and events in their own city!

Hannah is a graduated film student from the University of Amsterdam and wants to prove to the world that her city is more than hookers and hash bars. So she puts what she’s learned to practice and films herself and her group of friends on their quest for fun and adventure around Amsterdam. Via Hannah’s film clips, you can experience Amsterdam shopping, bar-hopping, going to music festivals, museums and cultural events.

There will be a total of 20 episodes, ranging in length from 4 to 7 minutes each and in each episode, a combination of 2 to 5 young women visit somewhere new in the city. A new episode will be uploaded on a weekly basis. In addition there are an introduction trailer and 4 clips about each one of the four main young women: Hannah, Steph Z., Rosanne and Stef K. In the premiere episode Hannah and Steph Z. eat their way through the Albert Cuyp Street Market and beyond.

Jerry Goldberg and his production company, Molen Blauw Productions produced the series in collaboration with Hannah P. who is a University of Amsterdam film studies graduate and is also one of the main girls that the series follows. Inspired by You Tube vlogs and self-made docs about attractions in other cities, Jerry and Hannah hope viewers will find the episodes both informative and entertaining.

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