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Amsterdam Canal Festival

The Amsterdam Grachtenfestival is the annual festival of (classical) music performances at special locations in the Amsterdam city centre. These locations stand out because of special or monumental architecture and cultural and historical significance. Each year, the festival marks the opening of the classical music season. The 2010 edition will take place from 14-22 august.

Featuring more than 150 concerts on fifty, often special locations, the Grachtenfestival boasts a comprehensive pogramme.

During the Grachtenfestival (classical) music will be played at several special locations in the city centre of Amsterdam and on the banks of the IJ. Each year, new locations are added to the list. These locations set themselves apart from others through their special or monumental architecture and their value to cultural history. The Grachtenfestival offers a large platform to young talent. Many concerts are free or have a low price of admission.

The Prinsengrachtfestival on August 21st 2010 is also part of this event. This World famous concert is one of the highlights of the Grachtenfestival. The support act to the Prinsengrachtfestival includes young Dutch talent.

Every year, new venues are added. Until late at night, the glorious music sounds in the homes of hospitable locals, in monuments, museums and on specially erected stages in the canal. In addition, the Kid’s Canal Festival, with performances for babies and toddlers as well as teenagers, is a part of the event.

Many of the concerts are free, or charge a very reasonable admission price.

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