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Amsterdam Fashion Academy now offering short part-time and bespoke courses

Want to further your knowledge, skills or make a career switch into fashion without the long haul of a three year bachelor’s course? The Amsterdam Fashion Academy now has courses to fit the lifestyle and needs of those who are interested in fashion but unable to follow a long course. Instead of trying to fit your life around an existing course we are changing our courses to fit around your life.

From February 2015 onwards we offer the following short courses: either as an 8 week evening course or a 5 week one-day course: Fashion Forecasting Marketing & Buying, Successful career in Fashion and Fashion Design & Visualisation. We also offer the following part-time courses: Fashion Business (4 month course) and Bespoke courses.

These courses are particularly suited to those already working in the industry and looking to brush up their fashion knowledge and better themselves, those who fancy a career change and want to move into fashion, or those who want to pursue their personal interest in fashion for their own development and pleasure.

Bespoke study
However much you may want to, a fact of modern life is that not everyone has the time to complete a full 3 year bachelor course. So we’ve decided to go with the times and offer customised bespoke courses to suit individual specific needs. It is now possible to become a part-time student and just follow the modules most relevant to you. This may be, for example, styling 1 module, or a combination of that module with the international branding module: Communications. We will do our best to meet your needs and personal timetable, to create a tailor-made (excuse the pun) study.

All courses start in February 2015 and will be taught in English.

The Amsterdam Fashion Academy is an international private fashion academy offering Fashion with Textiles Design and Fashion Business Bachelor Honours degree courses and a one year Fashion Foundation course. The validated degrees are aligned with UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) standards. With a highly qualified and experienced team, the Amsterdam Fashion Academy offers a unique studying experience in an international environment.