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Amsterdam to be fifth European fashion capital

There is a lot of attention from abroad for the fifteenth edition of Amsterdam International Fashion Week (AIFW) taking place from 13th till 17th of July.

Amsterdam wants to rank from sixth to fifth place in the European fashion cities ranking. The arrival of about 50 foreign journalists is very important to increase the rankings. The previous edition of the fashion week drew “only” 25 international press.

AIFW is also in talks with the municipality of Amsterdam about how the city can gain more international fame for the fashion industry. Dutch Fashion is 14 billion Euro industry in the Netherlands.

The event starts Wednesday with a show of designer sisters Spijkers and Spijkers. Later that evening, Amsterdam designer Tony Cohen will show his collection. This time there’s more talent than ever seen on the AIFW, which lasts until Sunday.

At the moment, London, Paris and Milan, Barcelona and Madrid, are the top-5 in the list of European fashion capitals, according to Global Language Monitor.