Amsterdam Heavy Casts the Red Light on the Croisette

Amsterdam Heavy Casts the Red Light on the Croisette

International Action Movie ‘Amsterdam Heavy’ Casts the Red Light on the Croisette

The International action movie Amsterdam Heavy is bringing the city of Amsterdam to the 64th edition of the Festival de Cannes. On May 16th the film’s lead actors and director Michael Wright will be hitting the Croisette for a photo and press call in the Dutch Pavilion.

Amsterdam Heavy is a coproduction between Funny How Films (USA) and The Content Factory (NL), in association with Paradigm Pictures (USA). It is written and directed by Michael Wright, who brings his screenplay to life through gritty camera work, diverse characters and a streak of dark humour. The story is set in Amsterdam and was shot mainly in the famous Red Light District.

The film makers met at the 63rd edition of the Festival de Cannes and got the ball rolling. Now, nearly a year later, their film is screening at the place of its origin, starring world famous cult actor Michael Madsen and a stellar cast of international talent. From Dutch celebrities to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) World Champions.

Amsterdam Heavy is the action fuelled story of one man’s relentless quest for revenge, as he, against all odds, smuggles himself back from Bangkok to his home city of Amsterdam, arriving with nothing but his fists and a burning desire for retribution. Amsterdam Heavy takes the viewer on a roller coaster journey through the criminal heart of Amsterdam.

About the Actors Present at the Press Call

RIK SINKELDAM is an international up and coming actor in the action genre, who does his own stunts. Currently in development he is scheduled to appear in the upcoming action film Diablo, with Danny Trejo and Michael Madsen, and also in The Driving Instructor. He is also a partner in The Content Factory. Rik plays JD in Amsterdam Heavy, the male lead.

ALISON CARROLL is an English gymnast, model and actress. She has been travelling the world since 2008 as the official Lara Croft model for the latest videogame Tomb Raider: Underworld. She has starred in several features, amongst them The Kid, Doghouse and Life is an art . Alison plays Monique in Amsterdam Heavy, the female lead.

JEROEN POST is an international TV and radio host and a DJ. Jeroen started as a Dutch MTV VJ and was the face of the channel for eight years. As a DJ he travels throughout Europe for gigs and reports. He is the face of It’s Showtime where he hosts K1 Championships. Jeroen plays Gunter in Amsterdam Heavy, the arch-enemy of the character JD.

FAJAH LOURENS started her acting career in the most popular Dutch soap opera ‘GTST’. Since then Fajah has starred in big Dutch film productions and TV series, including the upcoming production Stilettos. She has appeared on numerous magazine covers and recently became a Sapph lingerie model. Fajah plays Interpol Agent Brandt in Amsterdam Heavy.

DORIEN ROSE DUINKER is a successful international model and actress. She has been named the most successful Dutch playmate, the face of lingerie brand Sapph, the official Angelina Jolie look-alike, a TV and radio host and she stars in several TV series and films. Dorien plays Zoe in Amsterdam Heavy, a deadly female assassin.

VINCENT VAN OMMEN made his mark as the lead in the short film Stop!. Over 870 thousand people saw the film online during the International Film Festival in Rotterdam. Since then he can be seen in feature films, such as Life is an Art, Lost Years and A Morass with Alessandro Giuggioli. Vincent plays Interpol Agent van Beek in Amsterdam Heavy.

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