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Every Night A Different Amsterdam Hotel For One Year

One Dutch man spent every night in a different Amsterdam hotel bed for one year – and blogged about every detail.

Advertising and PR man Vincent van Dijk slept each night in a different hotel in Amsterdam, for a whole year. On 18 August, his book will be published with a selection of his personal stories: Amsterdam Slaapt (Amsterdam Sleeps).

Vincent van Dijk gave up his apartment in The Hague, waved goodbye to all his possessions, even his diplomas and photographs, and lived out of a suitcase for one whole year. Each night, he slept in a different hotel in Amsterdam or at Schiphol Airport, and kept a diary of his personal stories, varying from staying in luxury hotel suites with a butler to grubby hostels where he had to share a room with tourists who were strangers to him. He moved from gay hotel to futuristic design hotel, from family hotel to hotel boat.

Personal stories
In his diary of personal stories, he not only describes the hotels, but also what it is like to be of no fixed abode. Vincent van Dijk soon felt like a different type of human being, a cross between a tourist, inhabitant, and luxury drifter. He went in search of love and security. Love for the guest and the hotel profession. Security was the feeling of having come ‘home’ in a hotel, even if it was just for one night. Vincent van Dijk often found that love and security precisely in hotels where he had least expected it.

Alternative hotel guide
Amsterdam Slaapt can also be used as an alternative hotel guide, as the book creates an image of Amsterdam as a tourist city and shows the large diversity of overnight accommodation available. In addition to the Dutch edition, an English edition is to follow later this year.

His book will be presented in the citizenM Hotel at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, where Vincent van Dijk stayed from 1 January this year in order to write his book. The first copy will be presented to the new Chief Marketing Officer of Metropool Amsterdam, Frans van der Avert.

The book Amsterdam Slaapt will be on sale in bookshops from 18 August.

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