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Amsterdam one of Europe’s Hottest Startup Capitals

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s hottest startup capitals.

The startup scene is booming and Holland’s socially progressive attitude has made Amsterdam a thriving tech hub. The city supports startups with affordable studio space.

In the upcoming September 2011, Wired presents their first annual look at the continent’s rising stars.

Europe’s tech scene is packed with clones and copycats of successful American businesses. European businesses lack ambition and “don’t innovate just because you are focusing on what works [in the US] and copying it”. Most of the companies on Wired’s list are original, disruptive and potentially global in scale.

Amsterdam is a sizzling hotspot of creative companies in design and development of applications for Android and iPhone devices. Companies with familiar applications such as Layar and Mobypicture have established themselves in the World Capital of Apps.

An augmented reality platform. Recently received €10m investment.

A digital-business-card app that integrates LinkedIn and geolocation.

A web messenger service with over 17 million unique monthly visitors.
Hotel booking website and iOS app with hotels in 101 countries.

A system to back up and sync contacts across devices.

Media-sharing platform, enabling photos, video and audio uploads.

Simple free platform for transferring up to 2GB image, video or audio files, with branding and expansion options for companies willing to pay $120 a year.

A website and app that translates trending global topics on Twitter.

Allows web creators to gather and display content from many sources.

Weband app-based jukebox that posts daily playlists made by Dutch DJs.

To compile the first guide to Europe’s hot startup capitals, Wired began by interviewing dozens of entrepreneurs, journalists and investors to get a sense of where the innovation is happening now. The most buzzing local economies are Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, Moscow and Tel Aviv. They also paid attention to places such as Amsterdam, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Madrid, Dublin.