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Amsterdam Popular with Multinationals

Amsterdam welcomed 122 new international companies last year. They provided more than one thousand jobs. According to figures from the company Amsterdam Inbusiness.

The new companies are mainly active in financial services, ICT and creative industries. Examples of the former are Europe, MasterCard and Cavanagh.

The newcomers are mostly from Asian countries (37 percent). Additionally, many from the United States (31 percent) and EMEA (30 percent), which stands for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

According to the research agency Inbusiness the companies choose Amsterdam because of its global reach by the presence of Schiphol airport, the fiscal environment and innovative services.

32 of the new companies have decided to locate their European headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. These include Kraton Polymer, a chemical company from the United States and Fonterra, a dairy producer from New Zealand.

Amsterdam ranks second after London in terms of attractiveness for multinational headquarters.

In 2009 Amsterdam attracted 105 new international companies, which added new 1255 jobs. Currently, there are more than two thousand companies located in Amsterdam.