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Amsterdam ranked 13th for competitiveness in Hot Spots 2025 report

Amsterdam has been ranked 13th for competitiveness in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s ‘Hot Spots 2025’ report, surpassing many other European cities, such as Brussels (25th), Berlin (34th) and Vienna (30th). According to the EIU’s criteria, New York, London and Singapore are the top three most competitive cities in the world.
European and US cities most competitive

The Economist Intelligence Unit is an independent company within the Economist Group and a key part of its ‘2025 Hot Spots’ report ranks 120 cities from across the globe according to their competitiveness. This is defined by the research group as “the ability to attract capital, businesses, talent and visitors”. Together with cities in the United States, Northern European cities dominate the top 20 of the list.

To measure competitiveness in this report, the researchers used 32 indicators across eight different categories: economic strength, physical capital, financial maturity, institutional character, social and cultural character, human capital, environment and natural hazards, and global appeal.
Amsterdam attracts foreign businesses

The competitiveness of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is reflected in its ability to attract new foreign businesses to set up here. In recent years, the region has annually added between 100 to 120 new international companies each year. The Amsterdam Area is presently home to around 2,000 international companies, accounting for approximately 15% of overall employment.