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Amsterdam ready for Queen’s Day

Queen’s Night in Amsterdam was festive and largely peaceful, the city is now getting ready for Queen’s Day. It was a lively but undisturbed Queen’s Night in Amsterdam and the city centre was slightly busier than in previous years. The city was characterised by a pleasant, celebratory atmosphere and large numbers of partygoers flocked to the popular nightlife squares.

The police made about 70 arrests, including 15 people involved in an argument about reserving a sought-after spot for the citywide street market. The number of arrests corresponds with figures from recent years. No serious offences were reported.

Between 18:00 yesterday evening and 06:00 this morning, 66 ambulances were called – not an exceptional number. The emergency services reported a relatively quiet and manageable evening.

Towards the end of the evening, a small group of people had gathered on Dam Square, looking to reserve a favourable spot to sell their wares as part of the street market. Due to the cold night, the police kept a close eye on these people but there was no call to take action.

Dam Square is filling up gradually, as are other areas of the city centre. Dam Square and all the event locations across the city are fully prepared for the ceremonies and festivities planned throughout the day.

One person was involved in an incident on the railway line between Weesp and Naarden-Bussum. People travelling to the city by train from the directions of Amersfoort and Het Gooi are advised to travel via Utrecht, although the line is expected to be in normal use by 09:00. Dutch Railways (NS) will provide additional information.