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Amsterdam Startup Aims To Become The Reuters For Social Networks

Social media is a boon for journalists, bloggers and other content professionals, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good and unique content fast from the vast amount of information online. With Nine Connections, your ‘newsrooms’ can look deep into your Twitter network and find interesting news beyond first-degree connections.

Today, Nine Connections launched a unique web application for media professionals. It aims to help them explore relevant content from social media, track breaking news and make sense from a plethora of information. After trials with The Guardian, The Economist and Persgroep Netherlands, 1000 media companies can now participate in a crowdfunding-style project and take Nine Connection to the next level, becoming the Reuters for social networks.

The Speed, The Noise
On Twitter, on Election Day in the United States, 300,000 tweets were sent per minute. In general, three percent of all tweets are about Justin Bieber and others are spam like “Lol, look at this picture”. The Amsterdam based startup Nine Connections has developed a system that journalists and social media managers can use and further help in this social media age.

Discovering shareable content fast
“Social media is a boon for professionals. Twitterers are the eyes and ears of the web and the street, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find quickly good and unique, shareable content,” says Nine Connections co-founder Lucien Burm. “Ignoring is not an option, you might miss out on scoops and angles that competitors will get.”

It is not about trending, but what is about to trend
Burm: “Some apps focus on trending topics and popular posts, others make summaries of your timeline. But they are just another way of getting old news. Nine Connections not only filters Twitter noise, like check-ins and lunch statuses, but specifically delivers relevant content faster than the normal twitter experience, from minutes up to hours in advance of main media.”

Does your news have the Share Factor?
With Nine Connections your ‘newsrooms’, staffed with experts and respected voices in their fields, can look deep into your Twitter network and find interesting news beyond your first-degree connections. “You basically look over experts’ shoulders,” says Burm. In addition, the smart application gives you a “shareability” score on the articles, the Share Factor, indicating which ones have been shared by experts and which are currently popular within your Twitter audience. This helps news professionals to be faster, discover new resources, and get a head start on the competition.

The Pivot: Twitter for Professionals
Nine Connections began in 2011 as a consumer application, but after trials including The Guardian, The Economist and The Persgroep, they learned that their application is especially appealing to professionals as it helps them work better and faster on social networks. “Twitter is becoming increasingly important as a news portal. Visits from social networking sites to news sites have grown exponentially in recent years. Therefore, Nine Connections focuses on the need for better dissemination of content to a wider audience, “said Burm.

All companies are now publishers
Nine Connections is useful for companies in general, because social media introduced a new way of communicating with existing and potential customers. Burm: “Brands become publishers. They no longer have customers but ‘fans’ and ‘followers’. Traditional advertising-like messages don’t work anymore and companies need to contribute by sharing valuable and relevant content. This means that anyone who runs a company’s Twitter account should be called or should aim to become a Media Professional. We are here to help.”

Looking for a 1000 Media Professionals
Until April, up to 1,000 media professionals can participate in Nine Connections’ crowdfunding-style launching customer program. They can provide their feedback so that the product will better suit their individual needs. But mostly they will be supporting the next stage of Nine Connections:

Becoming a social network distributor
“Nine Connections aims to become the Reuters of the social media space”, Burm adds. For 89 euros they can get access to all current benefits of Nine Connections right now and receive intensive customer support if they wish to improve their social media performance.