Amsterdam to allow 24-hour opening in hospitality sector

Amsterdam to allow 24-hour opening in hospitality sector

More opportunity for creative concepts at temporary locations

Mayor of Amsterdam Eberhard van der Laan recently concluded that entrepreneurs and event organisers working in the hospitality industry should have the chance to develop hospitality locations that can stay open 24 hours a day. This will come into effect in the summer of 2012. The mayor’s decision reflects Amsterdam’s desire to stimulate the diversity of entertainment opportunities on offer in the city.

Amsterdam is a thriving metropolis, a welcoming city that should boast a lively nightlife and entertainment scene to match. The city is already home to an impressive range of cafés, pubs and clubs, and the focus has now shifted to developing creative concepts at alternative locations in the city. In metropolises all around the world, there are not only clubs that stay open all day, but also other 24-hour-a-day concepts that broaden the spectrum of entertainment opportunities.

Creative concepts
Amsterdam is keen to use creative 24-hour concepts to enrich the nightlife and entertainment opportunities in the city. In order to bring more diversity to the nightlife on offer and ensure balanced competition, initiators are being challenged to look beyond purely dance events. A maximum of three locations will be awarded a permit to hold dance events. Amsterdam is primarily interested in initiatives that tread fresh ground and make a worthwhile addition to the existing nightlife and entertainment scene in the city.

Alternative locations
A maximum of 10 locations will be considered for the new 24-hour concepts. Spread around the city, the locations need to be fit for purpose, easily accessible and not cause nuisance. Buildings that are currently empty will be given priority. Such temporary locations are often intriguing options because of the unique character of the building. Alongside the locations to be designated outside of the city centre, celebrated nightlife locations in areas such as around Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein will be offered the chance to stay open for 24 hours more frequently.

Temporary permits will be awarded for the 24-hour hospitality locations, initially for a maximum of 3 years. The list of the 10 prospective locations is currently being drawn up. The final locations will be announced early in 2012, after which the registration procedure will begin.

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