Amsterdam trade mission to Istanbul a success

Amsterdam trade mission to Istanbul a success

The Amsterdam delegation can look back on a successful trade mission to Istanbul. Together with Rotterdam, Amsterdam presented itself as an important trading partner in the areas of trade and creativity. Denim Producer FG Group will establish a research laboratory in Amsterdam. This will involve an investment of 2.5 million euros. Additionally, a large Turkish logistics service provider has indicated that it will launch activities in the Netherlands at the beginning of 2013.

Amongst others, Mayors Van der Laan and Aboutaleb met with Mayor Topbaş of Istanbul. The relationship between the three cities will be strengthened further when Mayor Topbaş travels to the Netherlands in April 2013 for a return visit. Mayor Van der Laan also visited the district of Şişli, where he opened a Cruyff Court.

Mayor Van der Laan: “Participating in such a visit is about much more than just doing business. Good relations between the Netherlands and Turkey contribute to mutual understanding and trust. That in itself is good for reciprocal economic relations.”

And so it was that in the week of the internationally renowned Amsterdam Dance Event, the first Sensation dance party took place in Istanbul. Sensation has become an exemplary Dutch export, showcasing creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Since 2005, Sensation dance parties have been held around the world.

The Holland Financial Centre received around 40 enquiries from Turkish companies and advisors. It worked to inform them about the Dutch business climate and recent developments in the fields of renewable energy and real estate investment. The Port of Amsterdam spoke with some 45 interested Turkish parties about cost reductions in logistics processes and ‘green solutions’ for transport.

Mayor Van der Laan, the mayor of Izmir and the CEO of the Turkish FG Group also signed a letter of intent with ‘House of Denim’, an alliance of renowned jeans brands that are based in Amsterdam. FG Group presently has more than 700 employees and is one of the largest denim producers in Turkey. In the middle of 2013 it intends to establish a ‘denim R&D lab’ in Amsterdam. In the process, Amsterdam will receive the first denim production facility in Northern Europe. And with an investment of 2.5 million euros, it is intended that the production chain for denim must become more sustainable.

During the past ten years, the volume of trade between the Netherlands and Turkey has more than tripled. Dutch companies are most active in trade (20%), real estate (10%) and construction (9%). The ICT, transport & logistics, and the creative sectors are the most notable growth markets in Turkey.

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