Amsterdam’s first official salad-bar finally here!

Amsterdam’s first official salad-bar finally here!

The first Juice&Salad Café has opened up shop in early april at Vijzelstraat 135, Amsterdam-Center. With a atmospheric café, serving healthy breakfasts, lunches and meals, a surprising and high-quality fresh food concept has been added to our city.

The idea to develop a company based on fresh natural products in a worldwide variety dates back to late 2010, when founders Nick Pals and Michiel Vos were travelling in Colombia together. They had noticed in many other countries before that the number of places serving fresh fruit and vegetable products greatly exceeded that in The Netherlands. However; their quality and variety was mostly quite mediocre, they were generally low on atmosphere and didn’t do much to promote the use of organically grown crops. All of these aspects have been improved on in establishing the Juice&Salad Café, so guests can order fresh and responsible products at any time of day.

The freshly prepared juices, yoghurts, sandwiches, lunch- and meal salads are currently only available for eating in or take-away. But says Nick Pals: “we are launching an ordering website shortly and are looking for some form of electric transportation, to soon start supplying companies in the neighbourhood with fresh and healthy products”.

The kind of refreshing place Amsterdam was short on, so go check out the Juice&Salad Café!

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