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An urban hotel for the new generation

Coming April a revolutionary hotel concept will open its doors in Amsterdam. Sem Schuurkes (28) and Pieter van Tilburg (26) are currently setting up the first establishment of CityHub that is being financed through crowdfunding.

The recently graduated university buddies recognized that the digital revolution and smarter transportation have attracted a new generation travellers to the cities of the world. These travellers are smart and interactive people that want to get the most out of their visit to the city. While current hotels remain surprisingly traditional, CityHub offers a ground-breaking solution.

CityHub represents a community of travellers based in an urban style hotel. The travellers stay in specially designed sleeping units, called Hubs. The Hubs are designed to provide the travellers with a comfortable stay on a limited amount of surface. Each Hub offers ample place for two persons and their luggage and features a large double bed, an Mp3 docking station, free Wi-Fi and multicolour mood lighting. Because of their modular construction they can be easily placed in existing buildings. A private Hub at CityHub goes at an average price of 40 euro per night. In combination with an online platform where guests interact and share their experiences, CityHub forms the perfect base from which travellers can explore the city.

To demonstrate and optimize the concept CityHub Beta will open its doors in April. CityHub Beta will be a fully operational mini-hotel with four Hubs in the city centre of Amsterdam. For the realization of the pilot, CityHub closely collaborates with partners like Seats2Meet, Born2Brand and Coco-Mat, who have combined their expertise to reinforce the concept.

CityHub wants to involve the new generation travellers in the development as much as possible. Accordingly, the pilot is being funded the social way: by means of crowdfunding. Here people join the movement by donating anything from £10, for which CityHub offers all kinds of rewards in return, such as a night at CityHub and a panoramic flight in a private plane. With the help of their fellow travellers the friends intend to collect £10.000 and change urban traveling for good.

For more information check and support this project via at-cityhub-beta-329