Anders Sandberg is coming to Amsterdam

Anders Sandberg is coming to Amsterdam

The renowned and controversial Swedish scientist Anders Sandberg is coming to Amsterdam to attend the premiere of the documentary TRANSHUMAN.

This film, which is about his work on uploading the human mind, will be going in premiere in the new DeLaMar theatre on the 26th of June. It is a huge honour for the students who made this film that he is attending the premiere in this beautiful theatre, which will be transformed into one of the Netherland’s largest film theatres. They are trying to get a public discussion started about the future of technology. Today their website is going online.

Dr. Sandberg works at the University of Oxford, at the prestigious Future of Humanity Institute. It is lead by distinguished Professor Nick Bostrom, who was a speaker last year at the Nexus conference at the Holland Festival 2010 in Amsterdam. The group of people that they belong to calls itself the transhumanists. This group has some very controversial and controversial ideas about the future of humanity. Sandberg’s research focuses on artificial intelligence and the brain in combination with the rapid development of technology. By origin he is a neuroscientist, but he feels quite at home in a lot of other subjects as well and nowadays he publishes mainly about philosophical and ethical questions. One of Sandberg’s main research interests is whole brain emulation. In this field he is regarded as one of the most important scientists in the world.

TRANSHUMAN is an exam film of the Netherlands Film and Television Academy and has been made with the cooperation of Anders Sandberg, Nick Bostrom, Arjen Kamphuis and Natasha Vita-More. The filmmakers want to give the audience some insights into the future, which will be strongly influenced by the development of technology. Sandberg has made an important contribution to the film and therefore wants to attend the premiere. The attendance of Sandberg is special because of his ever so busy schedule. Producer Bart Le Belle is delighted: “We are very happy Dr. Sandberg will be present at our premiere. His attendance proves that the scientists who cooperated in the creation of this film are taking it seriously. We really want to persuade the audience to see the importance of this film. After all, it’s about all of our futures. We hope that it will help create a more public discussion about something that is easily ignored.”

TRANSHUMAN is set to premiere on 26 June at the nieuwe DeLaMar Theatre in Amsterdam. After that it will be screened at the the Keep an Eye Film Academy Festival of from 28 June to 1 July. The festival takes place at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam (Markenplein 1) and is open for public. In September, the film will be screened at the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht. More international filmfestivals will surely follow.

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