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Android less secure than Apple’s iOS

iPhone owners are less likely to get a virus on their phone than Android device owners, said Steve Chang, CEO of software security firm Trend Micro.

Because the Android source code is available to the open public, hackers and malicious programmers better understand the system and thus can make more effective viruses, says Chang to the financial news agency Bloomberg.

Apple, however, is very secretive about its operating system. Chang also praised the so-called “sandbox” concept used by the iPhone maker. This means that applications run independently on the platform and don’t require other software to run. A mobile application downloaded from the App Store is not able to affect other parts of the system.

Android developer, Google puts the responsibility with the user. Whenever an app is downloaded from the Android Market, a list of all depended programs is shown.

There are already several applications for Android that subsequently found to contain viruses.

Trend Micro recently launched an anti-virus app for the Android platform.