Angelina Jolie in The Hague

Angelina Jolie visited the Netherlands on Thursday to attend Congolese warlord trial at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

The International Criminal Court is proceeding in the case of Thomas Lubanga Dyilo, a militia commander from Eastern Congo accused of conscripting, enlisting and using child soldiers.

Actress and Goodwill Ambassador, Angelina Jolie, talked about the importance of attending the trial of a Congolese warlord charged with recruiting child soldiers at the International Criminal Court in The Hague in Netherlands.

Jolie said “It’s an extraordinary moment for international justice but more than that for children of the world.”

Lubanga’s trial has been hailed as a significant step in the development of international law. It was the first international case to focus exclusively on child soldiers and was the opening trial at the world’s first permanent war crimes tribunal. Jolie attended the case in 2009 already.

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