Angelina Jolie is a Hot Mom

Angelina Jolie, who has been in the top sexiest women in the world, did a photo-shoot for Vogue and shows that she still has a tight figure.

Her image has evolved over the years from vamp vixen to earthy mother. But Angelina Jolie proves she is still very much a sex symbol as she poses in a corset for a racy new Mario Testino photo-shoot for the December issue of American Vogue.

The 35-year-old mother of six showed off her enviable figure in a stunning vintage silk corset – a knitted sweater wrapped seductively around her waist.

In an interview, Angelina says that may be able to credit her slender figure to her apparent inability to cook a good meal. She is so bad in the kitchen that her 6-year-old son Pax is called a better cook. She also says that she feels that her eldest child, Maddox, the first child she has adopted, knows very well how she feels.

In the article, readers get a glimpse into the household of the Jolie-Pitts and if the pronouncements of the celebrated actress are to be believed, all is going very well between her and her extremely handsome and sexy man.

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