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The Netherlands in top 10 animal cruelty

The Netherlands ranks high on the list of animal cruelty. Our country is in fourth place in a list of countries where large-scale animal cruelty occurs.

The list is published for the thirteenth time this year hosted by Dierenhulp Foundation. Greece is once again leading the list, followed by Spain. In third place are the Netherlands Antilles.

Last year the Netherlands was in sixth place. This year our country has risen two places, due to the trading of sick horses, trade in live animals through numerous websites and providing a hunting license to members of the Royal Family.

The numerous reports of abuse and maim of ducks, geese, swans, dogs and cats make sure that the Netherlands ranks now in fourth spot.

The biggest climber is Aruba, which went up some seventeen places and is now in twelfth position.

The reforms in Cuba have made a positive effect on both humans and animals.

The top ten animal unfriendly countries are as follows.

1 Greece
2 Spain
3 Netherlands Antilles
4 Netherlands
5 Romania
6 Turkey
7 Venezuela
8 Bulgaria
9 Egypt
10 Portugal