The Netherlands in top 10 animal cruelty

The Netherlands in top 10 animal cruelty

The Netherlands ranks high on the list of animal cruelty. Our country is in fourth place in a list of countries where large-scale animal cruelty occurs.

The list is published for the thirteenth time this year hosted by Dierenhulp Foundation. Greece is once again leading the list, followed by Spain. In third place are the Netherlands Antilles.

Last year the Netherlands was in sixth place. This year our country has risen two places, due to the trading of sick horses, trade in live animals through numerous websites and providing a hunting license to members of the Royal Family.

The numerous reports of abuse and maim of ducks, geese, swans, dogs and cats make sure that the Netherlands ranks now in fourth spot.

The biggest climber is Aruba, which went up some seventeen places and is now in twelfth position.

The reforms in Cuba have made a positive effect on both humans and animals.

The top ten animal unfriendly countries are as follows.

1 Greece
2 Spain
3 Netherlands Antilles
4 Netherlands
5 Romania
6 Turkey
7 Venezuela
8 Bulgaria
9 Egypt
10 Portugal

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  • Chiara Abell

    Does this include the intensive livestock agriculture?

  • Bergwandelaarster

    I’m sorry, if you think that dogs and cats are so badly treated in the Netherlands that they are on the 4th place you need to have your head examined. Ridiculous! Meat animals I give you, but for the rest – shame on those morons that made this list. Have they even been here? Do they know that 85% of shelter pets are rehomed? In the USA 50% of shelter pets are euthanized each year. I’m betting there aren’t even shelters in Venezuela or Turkey. People there just cull their unwanted pets and nobody knows about it, so they don’t show up in any lists. How many people in Turkey, Venezuela, Egypt and Bulgaria have insurance for their dogs, go to the vet regularly, go to dog schools? Compare those figures and you get a totally different picture.

  • Antoinhendrick

    MY Mother was born in the Rotterdam……after reading this, sure as hell be disown my Dutch side .!

  • PetTrust

    China – the sickest country ever. The skin animals alive, beat them and toture them. Some vegetarians get fustrated that people get meat – If you are a meat-eater, in the UK, animals are treated well, and live for over 30 years until they end life. Their death is not painful – they are put to sleep just like your pet would ever be. But some sick countries stab them, stamp on them and let them die the painful way. Please end this – this cruelty. China, Korea and Japan all need to be on the list. Places other than the ones which actually treat animals with respect. In every country, dogs are left to die on the street. I was heart broken when I saw a dog in the street, roaming around, looking at the people passing by. Then I saw a really kind woman, pick up the dog and pet it. She was not the owner, but she treated it lovingly. Pets are made to love, whats not to like about them? They are sweet, innocent and loving. But through some of thems lives, they are skinned, punished, killed, forced and bullied. Just imagine if you were them – how would you like it? At least some people in life actually have a heart. R.I.P Those innocent animals how have been killed terribly in sick conditions.

  • Mellie

    China needs to be on top – and I completly agree with PetTrust.

  • You’re an idiot.

    Funny guy. UK is also one of the worst country. They don’t treat their animal any better than the U.S.

  • blabla

    This is ridiculous… Holland is far from the problem according to me… Countries like China, Indonesia and some states in America have more severe issues surrounding animal cruelty.

  • I realy dont understand, that China not is named here, on the 1. place. There behave to animals is the most cruel on erth. They skinn dogs alive, after that still alive putting them in a maschine with the bachlegs first, and crush them to dogfood- the dogs who stand next to the menn, who skinn the dogs- and waiting until they also are skinned alive. Burnin them alive, with the popo first on a little fire. Their cruelness have no ending, so why arent they here at the first place ??

  • alex

    Japanese actually treat their animals very well, it isn’t fair for you to group them with Korea and China. Eating a dog or cat is taboo not only in modern Japan, but for much of its history. Even more so in modern times. Japanese people love and adore their numerous pet cats, and pet dogs are exponentially increasing in popularity. There are those that do, but this a small minority and it is not fair to group all of Japan.

    Also, only a small minority group hunt Dolphins, mainly in the small coastal town of Taiji, but again this is not a widespread custom. In fact, for a country with very moderate, mild, and polite politics, Japanese citizens created a culturally abnormal uproar after the Cove and made major strides to further restrict inhumane whaling and dolphin hunting, and the practice of hunting dolphins as a whole. They do eat whales, but so do Nordic countries (especially Norway and Iceland). Japan could cut down on whaling, but many citizens make continuing efforts to do so. Japan isn’t perfect, but neither is anyone else.

    Indians are abhorred by the way much of the world treats their animals, UK included, and much of the Hindi population (aka the large majority of India) are vegetarians.

    I think the most important factors in determining how cruel different cultures are to consumed animals are the quality in which livestock is kept, how humane (or inhumane) their deaths are, the distinction between pets and food, historical connotations, and the intelligence of the said animal.

    I think the animal favoritism in much of the west is unfair. Cats and dogs are treated like gods and their feline and canine cousins are treated like gods, where as cows, chickens and other birds, pigs, and sheep are perfectly fine to maim and devour. Especially pigs, who are largely believed and observed to be one of the most intelligent and sentimental animals on Earth. Other extremely intelligent creatures (like chimpanzees, gorillas, elephants, dolphins, etc.) are largely taboo, however believe it or not octopi and other cephalopods are believed to be some of the most intelligent, creative, and self-aware beings on Earth, even more so than cats and dogs. But you never here anyone coming to the rescue for octopi.

    I think that eating meat is natural and part of man’s symbiotic relationship with nature. Like any other humane realist, I think we just need to change our outlook on animals. We should try to reduce our intake of meats for not only humane reasons, but dietary and economic ones as well. Legislation and work against animal cruelty needs to be continued, and livestock need to be treated more humanely.

    But the good news is that this is very much the case! Animal rights are being fought for constantly and the world is changing quickly. Many of the countries that eat “inhumane” or odd foods, like China and Korea and even England, come from old peasant foods from a time where quality food, or even food at all in times of starvation, was not available to the masses of commoners. Instead, they had to find more “creative” food sources, and some stuck. Many Koreans will tell you that dogs are also beloved pets, and the dogs that are eaten are of a specific breed that they see not as dogs in the western sense but as livestock. I can’t help but be subjective, coming from a society where dogs are never less than your best friends, and feel like it is utterly wrong. But the logical objective part of me has to give them credit for making a distinction between pets and livestock, as the ability to draw that line is very important, and also for the historical connotations. But I still would like to see the industry greatly reduced, and there DEFINITELY needs to be more legislation in terms of the quality that these animals are kept, but such change is on its way.

    The future is bright for animal welfare. Every day people make actions to further the development of legislation, changing general opinion, and personally saving animals and greatly cutting down abuses. We still have a long way to go, but I feel optimistic that if our global community continues on the path that it is now, that the quality of life for mankind and animals alike will be exponentially improved in the next 50 years.

  • johnsnows

    Greece is top animal unfriendly country?Who says that?Utter tosh.We have strict laws about animal abuse and most people are nice to animals.No one dares to publicly torture animals not only because of law but because of what other people will do to him or her.We are one of the few countries that does not euthanize strays instead it neuters them and one of the few countries that you can find strays living in a city without being systematically exterminated.

  • darlingsapphire

    You are right. China is horrible in every way dirty, filthy and cruel.
    I wish china was off this planet for good. Chinese are destroying
    everything lovely in other countries because they think animals will
    make them better looking and better health. Truly truly stupid

  • Matthew

    I find it absolutely hard to believe. I did a population count on those countrys listed above. The population COMBINED of ALL those countrys comes to roughly 300 million. THERE ARE OVER A BILLION PEOPLE IN CHINA. Thats 700,000,000 more chances of cruelty going on in that country.

    Whats going on?

  • Matthew

    I think you need to re-think the idea that meat eaters get their meat from animals that are treated well in the UK. Go on youtube and look at some of the videos of cows and pigs getting treated horrifically at farms in the UK.

  • EL Ray S

    China ,north Korea, and Japan top the list for cruelty

  • EL Ray S

    Yes what about eating fish alive or killing dolphins by cutting their throat and slow dead or cutting half a fish decorated with veg and the fish still alive

  • EL Ray S

    I agree with you ,in China and North Korea dogs are beaten than are skinned alive, snakes are half skinned and left hanging by his throat still alive, puppies are cramped in cages and thrown in boiling water, saw youngsters put petrol on puppies and burn them alive saw cats held by youngsters and skinned alive and people pass by and don t do nothing ,and who ever wrote this THESE countries like CHINA ,Japan !Korea are not mentioned

  • karen zimmerman

    The US should be on this list – people here treat animals horribly.

  • Beth Maud

    I’m not sure where they get their list from but there are countries that should be at the top, and all countries have animal abuse, but if there is animal welfare laws in place at least they can be charged, but where there is no animal rights, well even I wouldn;t want to live there.

  • Isabella Padilla

    natural disaster, floods, diseases, is KARMA, for all the murdering, brutalizing, slaughtering, abusing of animals. BLESS are those that love animals.




    Animal cruelty has to stop ….intensive farming live stock is a terrible reality..consumers has the ansewer..

  • Phae Dellis

    Finishing my last post: these poor homeless dogs in greece would be better of being euthanized! But instead they live on the streets, starving hungry, being kicked out of the way by ignorant arseholes? This country will never change unless the people change, and these so called laws are actually executed! A law on paper is just that! It’s bloody paper? Actions speak louder than words,
    These animals break my heart, yes I’ll fight for them because they have no voice! But blinded people like yourself Johnsnows make me sick? I have contacted the media in regards to this and I’m meeting with them next week, so let’s see what happens then? GREEKS NEED TO BE EDUCATED AS TO HOW AN ANIMAL SHOULD BE TREATED! I’m embarrassed to say I’m from this heritage?

  • Phae Dellis

    Go read my posts,they are directed to you? You are so bloody ignorant that you disgust me

  • Peter J Smith

    The problem is, China has no animal cruelty laws, so, it’s impossible to quantify it. However, they would undoubtedly top the list, followed closely by Korea, the Phillipines, Indonesia, and, Vietnam,

  • ilisius

    This list is SO wrong. China is and has always been on top followed by Japan and other Asian Countries then Spain and Greece.

  • Elizabeth Shanahan

    I agree totally

  • GrammarBod

    You need to learn how to use question marks.

  • Melody

    Bullshit. BULL-SHIT. You call this news? Pathetic. Ya’ll probably hating on the netherlands, that’s all.

  • Waterson Fam

    So if another person does something wrong, then that’s the reason why I would get sick, for example get cancer? Isn’t that really really unfair? It would be far more fair and far more logical if the one who does something bad get punished him or herself, and not someone else, who is probably innocent…

  • Waterson Fam

    If one did something wrong, then would it be fair if half of a country would suffer from it by some flood? And it’s illogical too…

  • Steve Poulson

    Where did such facts come from. Have you seen how animals are treated in China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Maldives, Mauritius to name a few…..I have. These countrys have a unconscious culture for cruelty against animals. And Ive lived many years in Holland and while I will not dispute the animal abuse there, I do dispute these statistics. This reporter has just lost all credibility.

  • asndoing

    I live in the Netherlands. You are totally ignorant if you don’t see what is happening in the Netherlands. The animal cruelty is very high here. Educate yourself, mate!

  • Joshua W.

    When you see no China or Japan on the list, you know it is false.

  • Jack Straw

    Thank you, Alex for saving me the time of defending Japan, which as a whole, treats their animals better than the U.S. & is light years ahead of China and Korea, both of which belong on the list. Japan has 1/2 the population of the U.S. and yet euthanizes 1/10th the dogs, albeit in a less than humane way, using carbon dioxide instead of carbon monoxide. While pigs are one of the most abused animals on earth, I do take issue with your perpetuating the myth of their high intelligence. Emotional beings, absolutely, but their intelligence is not close to dogs but yet keeps getting repeated as some sort of scientific fact. Pigs are like honest homeless people, will work for food. Dogs are brilliant angels without wings and will do just about anything to serve and please their humans, including sacrificing their own lives for the ones they love & worship.

  • Jack Straw

    Supposedly, Holland became “almost” free of Stray dogs. With a human population of only 17,000,000 and no States, each with their own local animal laws, it’s a lot more doable than in the U.S., and TNR for the million?+ stray dogs here, seems dangerous & cruel, especially if attempted like the Dutch model of withholding resources from strays. According to the ASPCA “It is impossible to determine how many stray dogs and cats live in the United States; estimates for cats alone range up to 70 million.” Still, it’s encouraging to see a country take on the problem of stray dogs & succeed. Apparently Holland treats their dogs well, but their horses & livestock brutally. England thinks they are cruel, but they are doing quite well, only euthanizing 5,000 dogs per year. The U.S. sucks when it comes to humanely caring for our animals, but is much better than China, Korea, most of those listed in the article and every Muslim controlled country on earth.

  • Arlette necol

    Europeans including Brits are the worst. Indians are the more humaine
    In the world.

  • Tobie Mangione

    The list forgot China (no animal is safe in that country, not even pets) and Japan (whale and dolphin slaughter, eating animals while still alive).

  • Guest Edwin

    Top 10 Countries With the Worst Human Rights Violations

    1 Sweden
    2 Norway
    3 Denmark
    4 Netherlands
    5 Monaco
    6 Germany
    7 Belgium
    8 Swiss
    9 Austria
    10 Scotland

    Top 10 Countries best man rights

    1 North Korea
    2 Burma
    3 Sudan
    4 Libya
    5 Afghanistan
    6 Iran
    7 Somalia
    8 Guinea-Bissau
    9 Syria
    10 Mali

    The 10 best countries for gender equality

    1 Yemen
    2 Pakistan
    3 Syria
    4 Chad
    5 Iran
    6 Jordan
    7 Morocco
    8 Lebanon
    9 Mali
    10 Egypt

  • kim

    LEBANON BEST FOR GENDER EQUALITY???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA are you out of your mind???!!! My country is the worst! Not so long ago it was allowed by the law to rape a woman if he forces to marry him after!

  • Maria Eythimia

    I’m so sorry and ashamed when I see Greece first in this list. And I know that maybe it’s true, because every day we read in greek sites about animal abandoning and abusing. Only few of the criminals are arrested and get punished. My opinion is that if we really care about animals, we have to go vegan.

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