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Antique wine sold for 57000 euros

A 237 years old bottle of wine has been sold for 57,000 euros at an auction in the French town of Arbois.

It is not just any wine but a yellow wine. This is a special type of wine that is only produced in the French region of the Jura.

A group of wine lovers showed much interest. “My passion is opening bottles and I’m glad I bought this bottle of yellow wine. I’ll definitely drink it, ” said one of the buyers.

He found the price normal for a wine made from grapes that grew when Louis XVI still reigned.

The auction took place at the region’s annual wine festival – the percée du vin jaune – which Badoz started 15 years ago.

The lucky bidder was Swiss national Pierre Chevrier, acting for a group of French, Swiss and Belgian winelovers.

“I really wanted to taste it,” he told a local paper. “The oldest bottle I’ve ever drunk was 90 years younger.”