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Apeldoorn is a city surrounded by natural beauty in the province of Gelderland. Even today with a population of around 150,000 it still retains a small town charm with a town hall, market square with daily markets, and friendly locals zipping by on bicycles.

Picturesque parks and gardens, old churches, and mills provide rustic elements while the Orpheus Theatre and Omnisport Apeldoorn exemplify the modern.

Apeldoorn sits on the edge of Hoge Veluwe National Park, the Netherlands’ largest privately owned conservation area. Deer and other wildlife call the 5,400 hectare Veluwe home. However, Apeldoorn is perhaps best known for its proximity to the former royal residence and now state museum, Het Loo Palace.

Apenheul is a popular monkey zoo featuring different species of monkeys and apes living in natural settings. There is plenty of interaction between visitors and primates, as some are allowed to roam freely. The Queen Juliana Tower and the Kinderparadijs Malkenschoten are family parks with activities geared towards children.

Apeldoorn is a highly accessible city centrally located in the Netherlands. The city is just an hour train ride from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. There are bike rentals available at the Apeldoorn train station, and many area attractions can be easily reached by bike, including Veluwe and Apenheul. If visiting Veluwe, the park also provides free bicycles at the entrance for visitors’ enjoyment.