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App Store reaches 10 billion downloads

The Apple App store has reached its 10 billionth download.

Just over one week ago the countdown started. Apple posted a massive counter on its website, which indicated that there were many apps downloaded.

In January 2010 the counter was ‘only’ three billion downloads. In one years time, there were 7 billion downloads added. A huge increase.

Partly due to the launch of the Mac App Store, the number rose even faster. In one weeks time, a total of more than 250 million apps were downloaded.

If you multiply the number of weeks in one year, the chances are we will still reach 20 billion this year.

It’s amazing that Apple just concluded their “Ten Billion App Countdown” promotion. Now it only remains to be seen who wins the $ 10,000 to iTunes gift cards.

How many apps have you downloaded?