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Dutch government considering investigation into Apple’s iPad policy

The Dutch government want to investigate whether Apple is guilty of abuse of power by forcing publishers to sell subscriptions for iPad editions through Apple.

Reason for the investigation is that Apple will enforce stricter rules for publishing on the iPad. From now Publishers may only offer subscriptions for iPad editions of their newspapers or magazines through Apple’s app store. Until now, that rule applied only to single issues.

A number of Dutch newspaper and magazine publishers have been contacted by Apple and informed that they can also not offer free subscriptions anymore for iPad editions through the upcoming service to customers already paying for a print version of their publication, according to a report in Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant.

The Dutch government is deeply concerned about “this breach of the functioning of the free market” and said that Apple’s policy is “lethal to innovation in the Netherlands”.

Apple collects 30 percent of the purchase from single app store purchases. It is still unclear whether the same will apply to subscriptions.